Composite Girder Grid (VTR®) Construction Method

An economic modular construction system with a high degree of prefabrication for short construction times of adaptive bridges.

Here you can watch a 360° view and different perspectives of the VTR® construction method in our interactive visualisation. Under ‘Aufbau’ the construction process is shown.

On air-tightly welded longitudinal girders that are simple to fabricate, prefabricated reinforced concrete girders are placed at the plant. The remaining space on the upper chords is then concreted so that a first composite effect with material-saving advantages is created. On this girder grid with its (first) composite effect, (fully) prefabricated elements made of reinforced concrete are assembled and completed by in-situ concrete in the grouting joints.

This composite girder grid method (VTR®) developed by SSF Ingenieure AG has the benefit of achieving a high economic and ecologic quality by efficient construction time, small need of space on the construction site, very economic material use, high durability and simple adaptability to future requirements.